Using Rocks in Your Landscaping 

In order to get a more natural look in their yards and gardens, people all over the Woodstock, GA area love using landscaping rocks. There are a variety of applications, benefits, drawbacks, and financial considerations associated with landscaping rocks.

Types of Landscaping Rocks

Crushed Stones

The first type of landscape rock is crushed stone. Crushed stone can be purchased in different sizes depending on its intended use. It is commonly used for driveways and as decorative mulch around trees, shrubs, flower beds, etc. 

The cost of the crushed stone ranges from $1 to $3.5 per square foot, depending on the size that you need and if you’re doing the work yourself. Remember that the larger stones are heavier and more expensive to transport if you buy them yourself rather than having them delivered by a supplier.

River Rock

Another type of landscaping rock is river rock, which is rounded with a few sharp edges. It is a good choice for drainage because the stones can't get clogged up with any debris, allowing water to pass through their gaps easily. 

The cost of river rock ranges from $100 to $800 per ton, depending on where you live and what size you need.

Pea Gravel

The last type of landscaping rock is pea gravel which has smaller pieces than crushed stone but larger pieces than sand or dirt. They are used for paths between areas that need a durable surface. Pea gravel costs around $15-75 for one cubic yard.

All three rock types have advantages and disadvantages, so consider your needs before choosing one for your landscape project.

What Popular Outdoor Projects in Woodstock, GA Require the Use of Landscaping Rocks?

Many different outdoor projects require the use of rocks.

For example, smaller stones and gravel fill the gaps between larger rocks when constructing a rock wall. A road might have a layer of gravel on top of a base course beneath it. 

Depending on what type of landscape project you're doing, there may be some requirements for the kind of rocks you need to use.

landscaping rocks woodstock ga - What are the Different Types of Landscaping Rocks and Their Uses - a series or short retaining walls used as garden beds with flowers and plants

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a popular project in a yard where the rocks used to build it are typically much smaller than the average rock used in other projects. The wall can vary in size. However, you must use specific stones that resist weathering and erosion when large amounts of water hit them during heavy rainfall or storms.

Fire Pit

If you're building a fire pit, you'll need to purchase some river rocks so they can withstand high temperatures while still looking attractive in your backyard. These river rocks will be handy when deciding where to place the fire pit.  

Since they're large enough, they can help prevent small children from accidentally placing their hands in the fire pit. This will also prevent any grass or vegetation around the fire pit from catching on fire.

A Water Feature

Building a water feature that requires rocks will require them to be flat enough for this purpose, and typically river rocks are preferred since they're large and flat enough for this task.

landscaping rocks woodstock ga - What are the Different Types of Landscaping Rocks and Their Uses - an outdoor pizza oven made of bricks and rocks

An Outdoor Pizza Oven

For an outdoor pizza oven, you'll want large rocks flat enough to cook pizzas on without burning them since they are typically pretty hot. You'll also need stones that can withstand the heat of the fire inside the oven.


Rocks can also add beauty to an outdoor garden, patio or walkway. If possible, you'll want beautiful stones that still fit well with your landscaping goals. 

Here you'll want larger rocks since they look better and last longer than smaller ones. Larger rocks might include boulders and unique-shaped stones such as thrones.

If you're constructing a path, you'll need flat stones with no holes or cracks running through them. These paths will need to be wide enough for people to walk on them and high enough not to sink into the ground as much as possible. 

These paths don't require much work and need to look nice and last a long time in your backyard or garden area.


To create a beautiful garden, larger rocks that fit well with your landscaping goals will come in handy. If you're looking for flat rocks to use here, river rocks are usually the best option. They sit nicely in the landscape. They also aren't likely to topple over or sink into the ground.


landscaping rocks woodstock ga - What are the Different Types of Landscaping Rocks and Their Uses - a patio wher flagstones and other rocks were used

When a patio is being constructed, larger rocks that fit well with your landscaping goals are essential. If the stones are flat enough, they can be used as place settings for outdoor dining. 

Larger river rocks look great on a backyard patio. Stones that and might even stand taller than the average adult can create privacy barriers around your home. You can decorate privacy fences with flowers or other plants to ensure they don't look too bare.

Besure to read this blog to help you decide what plants would be ideal to include in you landscaping:


There are many projects in Woodstock, GA that call for the use of landscaping rocks, as these examples show. Simply think about the size, color, and shape of the rocks you'll need for any project that requires them.

You can also contact a landscaping company in your area about the types of rocks available for purchase. You'll have all the materials you need when starting these types of projects.

In general, rocks can add a sense of serenity or calmness to your outdoor space. However they need to be placed strategically around a garden or landscaping. 

It's important not to choose any random rock, though. Different types of stones have various properties and may require a specific placement to look their best.

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