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    Georgia Leaf — for premier landscaping in Woodstock, GA

    Our clients are aware that landscaping in Woodstock, GA, consists of immaculately kept properties and lush lawns. They want a skilled Woodstock landscaping company that will do the job for them without interfering with the rest of their life. Once all the necessary landscaping components have been installed, regular grass care and maintenance is crucial.

    Your home is your castle - your place of safety and comfort. For most of us, our home is also our biggest asset. Thus, as a homeowner, you want to protect the value of your investment. You want your property and your home to be in harmony. You desire a to create a beautiful, healthy, and tasteful work of living art that you, your family, and your guests can enjoy all through the year.

    Georgia Leaf provides an all-around landscaping service that focuses on providing the best lawn care in Woodstock, GA. And we work at the times that work for you.

    We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with beautiful, dependable, and professional landscaping and lawn care in Woodstock, Georgia.

    Your search for a landscape design that will impress your neighbors is over! Searching for routine grass cutting and lawn care services only? We've got you covered, too! For a free estimate, give us a call right away.

    Give Your Property the Best Lawn Care in Woodstock, GA

    Life is hectic and full, so not everyone has the time to give their property the care it requires to thrive. Additionally, you want to enjoy your home, not spend all of your time worrying about it.

    That's where Georgia Leaf for landscaping in Woodstock GA comes in. Call us if you want the assurance and peace of mind that your home will receive the care it deserves by experts who recognize its value. For all of your landscaping in Woodstock, contact us.

    Our professional landscaping team offers an entire range of property maintenance solutions for landscaping in Woodstock GA. We have been working with landscapes, lawns, gardens and plants since our younger days, and there’s nothing we’d rather do! 

    More Than Just Another Landscaper!

    Georgia Leaf is more than just another Woodstock landscaping company. We love plants, gardens. being outdoors— we love our work! And we want to help keep your property healthy, flourishing, and truly beautiful.

    Give us a call if you're seeking for landscaping suggestions that work well in the Woodstock region. We, at Georgia Leaf, would be pleased to provide some professional landscaping design recommendations. Let us provide you with landscaping in Woodstock GA so you can build a special and lovely oasis.

    Let us help you create a unique and beautiful oasis with landscaping in Woodstock GA.

    Lawn Maintenance in Woodstock GA

    Read on to learn how you can put the top Woodstock lawn service to work for your property and home.

    Serving the Woodstock Area with Lawn Care Services and More

    Property maintenance is about more than grass cutting. Beyond regular seasonal lawn care services, we can also help you with your next landscaping project, or help you design and build a beautiful landscape from scratch. Some of the other services we offer are listed below:

    Your garden needs to be planted before it can be maintained. We can help you get this property started! From choosing the best plants for your property to laying out the best landscape arrangement, we’ve done it all and would love to help you get your new garden growing.


    A proper layer of mulch does a lot for your property. It helps keep weeds down, keep moisture in the soil, and also lends a finished look to your landscape. We can help you with choosing and laying mulch to protect and beautify your property.

    Installing Lawns and Garden Beds

    Let us help you develop a brand-new look for your yard! From planning and landscape design to digging, planting and installing garden elements, we want to help you turn your property into a work of living art that truly stands out.

    Contact our team of landscaping professionals experience. Learn how we put our experience and expertise to work for you!

    Tree and Shrub Removal

    We can help get rid of old, dead things to make room for new life. One of the keys to a beautifully landscaped property and healthy ecosystem is knowing what to leave out. Removing unwanted plants and shrubs allows more moisture, soil nutrients and light to get to the plants you want to grow.

    Stump Grinding

    Is an old tree stump standing between you and that smooth, rolling lawn? Not to worry! We can help get rid of that offending stump. As an added bonus, we can grind your old stump and turn your problem into an asset by creating helpful mulch.

    Patio Stones and Interlock

    Not all property care is weeding and gardening. Patio stones, interlock, and other pathway work can help you create a cultivated, sophisticated, and beautiful garden.

    As property care specialists who have spent years landscaping, we can help you plan and design your hardscapes, as well as install or repair your patio stones, retaining walls, interlock, and other stone features.

    Let us help you with landscape design ideas and product recommendations that will be a perfect fit for your unique Woodstock property needs.

    Staging for Outdoor Events

    A beautiful garden is one of the best settings for an outdoor event. We do more than install, cultivate and maintain your garden — call us to help you create a beautiful setting for your next wedding, birthday, retirement party, or any other event.

    We’ll highlight the best features of your property. Let us help you host an outdoor event that will be a sure hit with your guests! We'll help you bring an outdoor event setting that is beautifully designed yet has natural ambiance. Call us today, we’d love to help!

    Large Property Maintenance

    We have been doing landscaping for a long time, and we have experience with all types of properties. From suburban, residential yards to sprawling acres, we have the expertise and experience to handle the largest property maintenance jobs.

    Contact Georgia Leaf, the best landscaping company in Woodstock GA. Find out how we can help you create, maintain, and beautify your property!

    Year-Round Lawn Care and Property Maintenance in Woodstock GA

    When the seasons are in transition, that’s the time to get ready for long-term maintenance and improvement projects for your property.

    Check out our seasonal care and maintenance services:


    Spring Cleanup

    It’s a new growing season, bursting with potential. Get ready to help your property grow healthy and beautiful with some professional support from the professionals. Call us today to help you manage and cultivate new spring growth.

    Edging, Trimming, Weeding

    Keeping proper boundaries is one of the most important, but most overlooked aspects of property maintenance. The right frame highlights a picture, making all its best features show in the right setting and proportion. In the same way, proper edging and trimming keeps your landscape elements in the right place, allowing the unique natural beauty of your property to stand out.

    Proper weeding is another element that makes a huge difference to your property’s health and appearance, ensuring that the right plants grow strong and healthy. When you need professional lawn service in Woodstock, give us a call!

    Rolling, Aerating, and Seeding

    Don’t let weather hold your property development dreams hostage! Whether you’re putting in brand new grass or filling in existing green space, we can help you achieve a bright, full, and healthy lawn, and help you keep it that way with our lawn care and setup services of rolling, aerating and seeding.


    Weekly Grass Cutting

    We don’t just set you up and leave you on your own! All of that important work at the start of the season has to be maintained. Our annual package includes weekly grass cutting that will truly make your property stand out. Now is the time to arrange for your lawn care in Johnson City TN, and we trust you’ll see the difference our service makes.


    Pruning promotes optimal plant, tree and garden growth. It directs energy and nutrients to the most important parts of the plant, resulting in a fuller, healthier bloom. Make us your landscaping professionals and watch your property grow to its fullest potential.


    Sod Installation

    Some clients are surprised to learn that early to mid-fall is the ideal time to lay sod in Woodstock, GA. This is because the summer heat has started to break up, and there is more precipitation, allowing sod to take root and establish itself.

    Fall Cleanup

    We all have a routine to get ready for bed at night – dressing, washing, brushing, etc. When the growing season is done, your yard and garden need to be properly put to bed for the season too. A proper fall cleanup sets you up for a great start in the spring.

    Once the leaves have fallen it’s also the time to do certain kinds of pruning work. Call today for a consultation, and let us handle your fall property cleanup.


    Just because the grass isn’t growing doesn’t mean your property maintenance can take a hands-off approach. You might not need a grass cutting service for Woodstock in the winter, but there’s still plenty we can do to keep your property healthy and in order. Over the winter we remove debris, perform bed maintenance, and make sure that your leaves are taken care of on your property.

    By removing leaves from your lawn over the winter you’re helping to ensure that your grass doesn’t get smothered as it develops new growth in the spring. Proper winter maintenance can help set you up for a fantastic, beautiful, and healthy spring season.

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