Monthly Care Packages

Worry-Free, year-round lawn maintenance in Woodstock GA

We offer monthly and annual property maintenance and lawn care service packages in Woodstock with either gas or battery-powered equipment.

We are proud to lead Johnson City landscaping companies in offering quiet, battery powered lawn care and property maintenance services. We love how far improvements in lawn care technology have come in recent years, making durable, reliable, high quality equipment available that runs on rechargeable batteries. This new technology has several advantages:

Less noise:

Perfect for the property owner working the late shift or putting a baby down for a nap. Our quiet equipment won’t disturb you and your neighbors, and will provide you with top quality lawn care in Woodstock that speaks loud and clear.

No emissions:

Because our battery powered equipment uses no fossil fuels, we can confidently offer a zero-emissions property maintenance service.

Reliable starts:

With battery powered equipment we don’t have to worry about things like failed spark plugs, flooded engines, or other common problems of traditional gas-powered lawn care tools.

Off-grid charging:

Meet the next generation of property maintenance equipment. We charge the batteries for our gear off the grid using solar panels. It’s fascinating and exciting to think that our world provides the power to help us cultivate and care for it.

Ideal for suburban homes:

Not every property needs the raw horsepower that traditional gas-powered tools bring to the job. In many cases, battery-powered equipment is well-equipped to handle the types and sizes of lot that make Woodstock landscaping such a uniquely beautiful place.

The right gear for the job:

Larger properties or bigger jobs will often be better served with gas-powered equipment. If your Woodstock property needs include excavation, heavy tree care, or acres of lawn to mow, count on us to bring the right gear to get the job done properly and safely.

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