Stone and Hardscapes

Rugged stone is a great way to define space and enhance your garden, lawn, and green space. One of the principles of any design is the effective use of contrasts – light and dark, smooth and rough, tall and short, and in landscape design especially, soft and hard. Call the Woodstock landscaping professionals, we would love to help you with repairing your existing stonework. If you’re looking to restore, replace, or create a new outdoor space, call us! Together we’ll plan, design, install, and maintain a new stone feature.

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    Read more below about some of the options for a hardscape property upgrade:

    Retaining walls: Retaining walls have evolved to become a powerful feature in property development and design. They originally had a purely practical function – they were designed to stop erosion on hillsides in cases where it was impractical or undesirable to grow plants for that purpose.

    A stone retaining wall has a dramatic impact on the lay of the land and can provide a logical boundary to open up new possibilities on your property. For example, consider a retaining wall between a flat space and an area that is sloping and unusable. The slope can be leveled off behind the wall to create an outdoor living space, such as a patio, or to create new garden beds.

    Flagstone paths and patios: Flagstone adds permanence, strength, and durability to a landscape, along with creating a natural hardscape element in an area that otherwise might just include plants, or softscape. A flagstone path safely guides you into a house, while a patio entices you outdoors, into a front or back yard.

    Flagstone is an attractive, long-lasting, versatile material that can be used in a wide array of designs, patterns, shapes and sizes. Its roughened surface texture offers good, safe traction, even when wet, making it an ideal choice for outdoor surfaces. We have been landscaping Woodstock, GA for most of our lives. Contact us today to get started on your custom flagstone property feature.

    Interlock paving: Interlock driveways are a popular choice for a beautiful and durable driveway, and can also boost your home’s property value. Interlock paving stones are individual concrete units that interlock with each other like puzzle pieces.

    They are joined with a tough but flexible polymeric sand compound. Because the ground naturally expands and contracts with temperature and moisture levels, this flexible joint allows interlock to shift and adapt, making them a much more valuable long-term investment.

    We pride ourselves on offering some of the best lawn care in Woodstock, GA. We would love to work with you to discover the best hardscape and stone solutions for your unique property.

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