Holiday Outdoor Lights — 9 Tips by Landscaping Woodstock GA

With barely a wink before the holidays, don't let your landscaping in Woodstock, GA go without holiday decorations, including light-hanging. Here are a few hanging light tips to make your fall season shine brightly.

1. String Lights Spacing

Winding lights around posts and trees can be time-consuming if done haphazardly. Use tape to mark post and tree locations with exact measurements for uniformity and less hassle before stringing lights around them.

2. Heavy Duty Lights

For extra durability, choose holiday lights that are rated for outdoor use. These lights are waterproof and will last much longer than regular holiday light bulbs.

3. Light Poles

An inexpensive pole is needed for each light bulb socket to hang outdoor lights properly to avoid unnecessary stress on the cords. Bamboo poles work well with twisted string lights that have plastic sockets. 

Metal or concrete-filled PVC posts are best for heavy-duty strings that do not have plastic sockets. Use garden hangers to create a temporary pole for quickly hanging small amounts of lights. 

When using metal posts, bury them 10 inches deep to protect against rodents chewing at the wires.

4. Tree Lighting Tips

Never put clips on live trees to hang lamps and lights to avoid electrical fires. Always turn off the power before stringing up outside lighting around a tree. Also, remember to cut tree branches so the light won't catch them, starting a fire.

Holiday Outdoor Lights — 9 Tips by Landscaping Woodstock GA - live trees with Christmas lights

5. Holiday Light Safety

Because of their weight, keep strands away from walkways where people will be passing through during the season. 

Be sure all lights are firmly affixed to house siding with mounting clips; if there is any movement in wind gusts, they should be taken down immediately.

6. Light Strand Storage

When storing holiday light strands, first put them in a box and coil them loosely. Avoid twisting too tightly as this could damage the lights and even cause short circuits.

7. Light Cords

Keep lights away from car doors, garages, and other areas where people might trip on cords. If you must leave your house for a week or so, make sure to turn off the power before going out to avoid fires from heat or light bulbs burning out.

8. Outdoor Lighting Safety Advice

Connect extension cords with cable ties for outdoor safety lighting during the holidays. Use them instead of tape, which can fail at cold temperatures. You can then prevent electric shock risks.

Use cable ties to connect cords so they are not tripped on. Use clips or clamps to secure holiday lights on top of your house.

9. Light Storage Tips

When not in use, wind holiday lights and store them away from elements that could damage them. You may also store strings of sunshine in a box, loosely coiled, so they can stay unknotted when taken out next time. Plastic bags can also help protect the bulbs from moisture and mildew.

Hanging holiday lights outside is a great way to get into the season's spirit, but it can be tricky if you don't know what you are doing. We can also come to hang your outdoor light-hanging so you can prevent your home from looking like a tangled mess this winter. 

If you need more information, contact Landscaping Woodstock GA, and we would be happy to provide affordable service!

Landscaping Woodstock GA offers affordable light-hanging services so that everyone can enjoy the holidays without a tangle of wires in their yard come January 1st. We'll help select the right lights for your needs and make sure everything hangs safely off of existing branches or posts so there's no damage done to landscaping during installation or removal.

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