8 Trees to Plant in the Fall and Winter

When choosing trees for your fall landscaping project, there are a few things to consider. The first is the tree's hardiness. You will also want to select a tree appropriate for your landscape's size and climate.

Here is a list of 8 trees to plant this fall and winter:

1. Birch Trees

Due to their slim, elegant stature, many horticulturists hold birch trees in high regard. Every season brings its special magic to the birch tree. Its vivid green leaflets and clusters of white catkins appear in the spring. 

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In the summer, their dappled shadows contrast light and shadow; in the fall, their leaves are a kaleidoscope of bright colours. In the winter, their beautiful bark peels off. You wouldn't be wrong to associate birch trees with images of papery white bark and lush green foliage. 

The characteristics you list are common to several species of birch trees. However, you may have yet to learn that there are dozens of various types of birch trees, not including birch tree cultivars, and that some of them look very different from one another.

2. Cherry Trees

Who could resist a fresh, juicy cherry? Very few people. That’s why they’re perfect for growing in gardens. Cherry trees are among the most productive edible fruit trees. Even though it takes them several years to bear their first fruit, a single cherry tree will produce an abundance of fruit in subsequent years. 

The ornamental cherry blossom tree is also exceptionally popular for various reasons. It is difficult to forget a name that brings to mind tall trees covered in pink flowers. Despite their Japanese ancestry, the beauty of these trees has made them a global phenomenon. 

The word "cherry" appears in the names of both of these trees, but that's about all they have in common. Yet, contrary to popular belief, they do not originate from the same branch.  

3. Crabapple Trees

Crabapple trees' bloom, fruit, foliage, and structure make them desirable. Flowers of various colours, including white, pink, and red, are followed by fruits of varying shades of red and gold that can last well into the winter. 

The foliage can be shiny dark green, purple-tinged, or golden, depending on the species. Crabapples can have beautiful autumn hues of honey yellow, apricot, and burgundy. 

Even though straight species are the most common, other shapes, like compact trees for smaller yards and weeping varieties, are also available. When fully mature, straight species can grow up to 25 feet tall with the same width.

4. Dogwood Trees

The flowering dogwood is one of Georgia's most popular landscape trees. It grows naturally in Georgia because it is indigenous to the eastern United States. What most people see as the colourful part of a dogwood flower are the modified leaves known as bracts.

The innermost parts of the flowers, the true flower parts, are not as visually striking as the outer bracts. Given the proper conditions, dogwoods can be grown with little effort.

5. Hawthorn Trees

Hawthorn trees are lovely additions to any yard because of their unique form, ability to provide shade, and springtime clusters of pink or white flowers. In the fall and winter, songbirds flock to hawthorns for food, specifically the brightly coloured berries. 

Hawthorn trees typically mature between 15 and 30 feet (4.5–9.0 m) in height, making them ideal for use in smaller city yards.

6. Hickory Trees

Many birds, animals, and invertebrates benefit from eating hickory (or Carya). Their slow growth rate is their sole drawback and the main reason people choose other shade trees over them. 

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Species-wise, there is enough variety to make it easy to find the right pet for you. Of course, like many oaks, maples, and other natural canopy trees, they mature into giant trees, so adequate space is required. 

They're beautiful in the fall, have fascinating bark, and help many different species. Because hickories have deep taproots, they will do well in permanent places where they can provide shade and other benefits for hundreds of years or more.

7. Magnolia Trees

The stately magnolia tree is beautiful and easy to care for, making it a great addition to any landscape. The legendary flowers are captivating with their dramatic shapes and seductive scent, but the tree is a thing of sculptural beauty and strength. 

Magnolias' thick, waxy leaves are home to migrating birds, and the beautiful flowers stand out against them. These migratory birds feast on the bright red seeds that emerge from the seed cones in the fall.

8. Walnut Trees

The walnut tree is a tall, majestic specimen with large, complex leaves and an elegant form. Due to their dappled shade and deep root systems, they make excellent shade trees for lawns. 

The most common walnuts are the English (also known as Persian) and black walnuts.


1. How do I care for my trees after fall planting?

After fall planting, you will need to water your trees regularly and fertilise them in the spring. You should also mulch around your trees to help keep their roots moist and protected. Additionally, you will need to prune your trees to maintain their shape and size.

2. What are some common problems with fall-planted trees?

With trees planted in the fall, problems like root rot, drought stress, and pest infestation are common. However, these issues are typically preventable with proper upkeep and care.

3. What are some benefits of fall planting?

Some benefits of planting in the fall are better root growth, more soil water, and less tree stress. Fall is also an excellent time to plant trees because the weather is more relaxed, and there is less chance of drought.

Choosing the Most Qualified Landscaper in Woodstock, GA, to Provide Fall Landscaping Services

When choosing a landscaper in Woodstock, GA, to provide fall landscaping services, you want to make sure that you choose someone experienced and qualified. Here are some tips on how to select the most qualified landscaper in Woodstock, GA, to provide fall landscaping services:

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1. Ask for referrals.

 Talk to your friends, family, and neighbours and see if they have any recommendations for a good landscaper in Woodstock, GA.

2. Do some research online. 

Read online reviews of different landscapers in Woodstock, GA, to get an idea of their quality of work and customer service.

3. Make sure the landscaper is licenced and insured.

 This will protect you in case of any accidents or damage during the project.

4. Ask to see examples of their work.

 This will give you an idea of the landscaper's style and whether or not they are a good fit for your project.

5: Get a written estimate.

Before hiring a landscaper, ensure you get an estimate of how much the whole project will cost. This will help you avoid any unexpected charges.

Bottom Line:

Fall is the perfect time to plant trees! With the weather cooling down and the soil still warm, it's the ideal time for tree planting in Woodstock, GA. And with so many beautiful options, you're sure to find the perfect tree for your landscape. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start planting!

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