6 Tips to Save Money on Landscape Projects

Woodstock is home to many landscaping businesses that can assist you in lowering the expenses of your landscaping project. One of the ways to reduce landscaping costs is to hire a local business. Aside from this, several tips in this article can guarantee success in cost-effective landscaping for your property.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Cut costs by using mulch.

Mulch can save money and time. It cuts down the time spent weeding garden beds. Mulch can also help deter garden pests, reducing the use of pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals are not only expensive but are also a health risk.

Mulch also helps the soil remain moist, reducing the water needed to keep plants healthy. Mulch can lower the costs associated with labour and water usage. Using mulch can also add aesthetic value because it gives your garden beds a nice and finished appearance.

2. Opt for plants that need less maintenance and upkeep.

woodstock landscaping businesses - 6 Tips to Save Money on Landscape Projects - a modern garden full of plants and flowers in full bloom

Plants can be pricey! But, this should not hinder you from having a lovely garden or outside space. You can still cut costs for landscaping in Woodstock by selecting plants that may be expensive but need minimal care and upkeep — that's where you can save.

Landscapers usually recommend using native plants as they are already well adapted to the climate and soil of the area. 

Drought-tolerant plants are a great choice since they flourish even in the absence of a regular watering schedule.

3. Choose perennials over annuals.

Replanting perennials each spring is unnecessary because they come back yearly to produce new growth. Annuals are only around for one growing season at a time. This means that you must buy and replant new plants each year. And establishing these new plants will need more water and attention.

As a result, perennials can save time and money in the long run. 

4. Install a timing device for your sprinkler system.

woodstock landscaping businesses - 6 Tips to Save Money on Landscape Projects - a modern garden with lots of plants in full bloom

Did you know you can reduce water usage using a timer with your sprinkler system?

If you set your automated controller once and leave it without making any adjustments for the entire season, it will run up your water bill.

Use the rate of evapotranspiration (ET) in your region as the foundation for creating watering schedules. With this information, you can determine how much water your garden needs. You can then adjust the watering schedule as the season progresses.

5. Organize the plants into groups.

Landscape experts in Woodstock typically recommend that property owners group plants together. After all, focusing landscaping efforts on a single large bed rather than several smaller ones results in greater productivity. Grouping plants close to each other can frequently produce a more striking effect.

When designing the layout of your backyard, it's a good idea to group plants that need roughly the same amount of light and water. This will make it easier to maintain and care for your backyard garden.

If you do things this way, you won't have to spend as much time as you typically would tending to and watering your plants. You'll be able to get more tasks done.

6. Use compost as a source of fertilizer for your plants.

Compost is an option if you want to fertilize your plants inexpensively. You can make compost using organic materials that you would otherwise throw away. These materials include fallen leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen scraps like peels and discarded parts of vegetables.

By recycling these materials, you can create an amendment for the soil rich in nutrients. Compost will encourage the growth of your plants.

In addition, composting is one of the ways landscaping businesses in Woodstock help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. You can do your share, too! If you are wondering how to start composting, many landscapers in the Woodstock area offer composting services.

Another option is to learn how to make compost at home all by yourself. Check online resources or your local library for more information.

Working with local landscaping businesses in Woodstock

woodstock landscaping businesses - 6 Tips to Save Money on Landscape Projects - landscapers applying mulch around shrubs and other plants

Landscaping is a pastime that many find enjoyable. For others, it requires a lot of time and can be challenging. There is a solution! A local landscaping service can help you achieve the landscape you desire for your property.

They can offer you expert guidance on managing your yard and take care of all the grunt work on your behalf. Woodstock landscaping businesses also provide discounts on regular maintenance packages. Thus, employing a landscaper's services will save time and money.

You don't have to let the cost of landscaping put a strain on your finances.

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