19 Garden Elements for Your Winter Landscaping

Many elements make a garden unique, beautiful, and functional. It takes time to think about landscaping in Woodstock, GA the type of plants to use in the area, the different structures you want for privacy, or accent your outdoor living space. 

Your primary concern for your landscaping in Woodstock, GA might be choosing which plants will flourish in your climate zone. If you are building a garden, you have to consider the space available, what kind of soil is present, and what theme the garden should be.

However, one thing that many overlook in their gardens is that it has to look good all year round. 

While some plants need particular conditions to grow well, there are still plenty of options for winter interest in your garden. 

Even in climates where plants are limited, there are still options to bring some life into your outdoor living space in the colder months of the year.

Here is a list of winter-interest items that you can add to your garden:

1.  Scented plants

These particular plants give off a pleasant scent in the colder months, which can be pretty satisfying when enjoying your garden outside. Some examples of these plants include rosemary, lavender, thyme, and lemon balm.

2.  Evergreen foliage

Foliage color is an essential consideration in your garden. Evergreens, such as boxwood or hemlock, offer a pleasant green tone year-round and hold their color quite well throughout the winter months.

3.  Conifers

These plants can add various exciting shapes. When choosing conifer trees to use in your garden, find one that goes with the theme of your garden. For example, you might use very tall conifers if your garden is meant to mimic an alpine setting.

4.  Ornamental grasses

These plants are versatile because they come in various sizes and can be planted en masse or individually throughout your landscape. While some ornamental grasses are only attractive during the fall months, others will flourish in the winter, such as big bluestem grass.

5.  Shrubs

These are generally evergreen and provide color throughout the year. Some examples include boxwood, blueberry, and barberry.

6.  Bulbs

Bulbs can be planted in the fall to give your garden a splash of color in the spring and summer months, and they can also offer color during the winter months. Some examples of bulbs include snowdrops, daffodils, tulips, and grape hyacinth.

7.  Peeling bark

This can add a nice element to your garden because it is unique and shows the tree's age throughout the year. One example of this is birch trees.

8.  Deciduous trees

During the fall, these trees lose their leaves but provide a different visual experience for your garden in the winter months. Some examples of these are beech and hornbeam.

9.  Illuminate your garden at night

This creates an entirely different look for your outdoor living space at night, which is especially useful if you want to enjoy areas like patios or decks even after dark. Plus, it can be a pleasant experience to watch your garden transform into a different environment at night.

It can also create a cohesive environment where guests feel comfortable and safe.

10. Water features

These are great additions because they can create sound and movement. The element of water also gives the garden another component of interest during the winter months.


11. Add a bench

Benches are the perfect resting spot, especially during the winter months when you want to sit outside but are too cold for long periods. You can even make your bench with supplies at home, like cedar planks and concrete blocks.

12. Add art

This can be an outdoor sculpture or another type of creative touch that makes your garden more interesting in the colder months. The items you use should tie into the theme of your garden, so they are cohesive with your garden design.

13. Add a fire pit

These are ideal because not only can they provide warmth, but they also offer great outdoor lighting options for your garden at night.

14. Make it fun with games

Have guests over for an outdoor party? You might consider bringing out some outdoor games or providing other fun activities, such as a scavenger hunt.

15. Use fruit trees

While you can use these in your garden year-round, they are beneficial during the winter months when you might want more color or exciting shapes in your backyard. Common fruit trees include apples, peaches, plums, and pears.

16. Bring on the bling with ice features

Create an interesting visual by decorating some of your outdoor spaces with icicles, snowflakes, etc., while also giving them a festive touch for the holiday season.

17. Add torches

These provide excellent lighting for your garden at night while also adding warmth to the garden design. You might even consider using these right next to benches so you can enjoy both elements together.

18. Grow vines on trellises

Vines can add some vertical interest to your garden and be used to provide a bit of privacy between you and your neighbors. You can also use vines on trellises or flowering climbing plants to add color during the winter months.

19. Use wildlife

While you might prefer not seeing wildlife in your yard, sheltering them can mean that they will stick around for more than just the warmer months. Plus, it is nice to have guests over to do some bird watching.

Winter is the time of year when many homeowners prefer to spend as little time as possible outside in their backyards and gardens. 

However, even though the weather may be cold and unpredictable, there are still several elements that can make your garden look great all year round. Include these elements in your landscape design

With your landscaping project in Woodstock, GA, you can be sure that you will get the garden design that is just right for your lifestyle and backyard. We take into consideration what makes your yard unique to provide you with a perfect solution.

Would you like more information about these elements and how they can make your garden look spectacular all year round? 

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